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Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Silas!

Silas is now 5 years old! Can you believe it? I first met him at 18 months old and brought him home at 2 1/2 years old. This means he has been with me for HALF of his life now. Amazing. I find it funny that Silas is obsessed with SPIDER-MAN, when he has never seen a Spider-Man movie or tv show or anything Spider-Man-related. Kids are funny, aren't they?

Silas' birthday began with the balloon fairy dropping by some blue and some red balloons. Silas requested chocolate doughnuts for breakfast. We had two friends come over to help celebrate, Spidey-style. It was a fun day for everyone, despite Silas being out-of-control-crazy-on-the-go-non-stop. In the end, he had to go to bed early because this mama couldn't handle it anymore. Here are some photos:

Last week, I took Silas to be evaluated by a developmental specialist. Her results surprised me. She said that it is apparent that his ADHD meds aren't working whatsoever. She also said that in all her years of experience, she has never had a child try to test her knowledge of things the way Silas did. She would draw him a picture and ask him to copy it. Then he would draw a picture and ask for her to copy it. She also indicated that once Silas is on the correct ADHD meds that she expected him to be in advanced gifted classes in school. I wasn't expecting that news, folks! We now have an appointment to change up his meds to something else. Wish us luck in finding something that works. He is currently taking Tenex.

Silas is a passionate person. Whatever emotion he feels, he feels it strongly. Silas would eat constantly and generally likes all foods. He asked for macaroni and cheese with cut up hotdogs for his birthday dinner. Silas is the sort of boy who runs everywhere. He doesn't stop moving, it seems. Silas enjoys "reading" books, playing with trains, and snuggling with his mama. He is really into pretend play and plays best with Keith. It is fun seeing him become friends with kids from church and with kids at school. He is becoming more social. It is strange to think that next year he will be in kindergarten. I love my pumpkin so much. Happy Birthday Silaska!

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