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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

You have been in my life since my memory began. You were there at birthdays, choir concerts, sport events. You took me to the nutcracker, the swimming pool, the park. You enjoyed spending time with me, supported me, and cared for me. I received a birthday card from you every year. I still have some of those cards that I kept, to reflect upon the words you wrote inside. When I graduated from OSU, I credited you as the driving force behind me getting my degree. You encouraged me to share my musical talent and complimented me when I sang. You loved me, truly loved me, and I always felt that when I was with you. Now that you have passed away, I think about you often. Whenever I wear orange, I somehow feel you closeby. When I see butterflies, I remember how much you liked them. I made pixies this Christmas, because I remember you making them in times past. You are important to me. I will not ever forget you.

Iryna is named after my Grandma and Keith is named after my Grandpa.

Days before she passed away.

4 generations!

Me and Grandma - I was her first grandchild.

My wedding day.

Grandma with her first great grandchild, Anna.

Graduation day. They were SO proud.

When I was young with my Grandma

Grandma & Grandpa

These are from my Grandma's funeral:
Willis & Jennifer

Me, Grandpa, & Tyler

Evan, Grandpa, Mom, Shelbee

Yury, Grandpa, Heather

Tyler & Mom

Willis, Grandpa, & Jennifer

Coulter & Grandpa

The whole gang.

Me and my handsome airman.

Mara is actually my cousin, but she and Anna are MUCH closer in age.

They had a great time together.

A fun dinner out with Shelbee before we saw the Hobbit.

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