Sunday, December 07, 2014

November pictures

Some random pictures from November. Because Tyler wasn't home for actual Thanksgiving, we put our tree up early. We decided to buy a slim fake tree since I didn't want to put a real tree on the carpet. 

This is Tyler before he left for training. I cried my eyes out when he left. I don't like for him to be gone. I much prefer to be together. So grateful for our marriage. 

My nephew, Carter! Welcome to the family. 

I designed this chore chart. I change it up every day. The kids love it. 

Anna had Young Women in Excellence and she had to get up and speak for 2 minutes. She was so nervous, but we practiced at home and she did a great job. Super proud of her!

Anna (behind the paper) and her good friend, Elyzabeth.

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Three boys in the tub!

Waiting at the dentist. Having kids is expensive! ;)

So it never fails, when Tyler is gone things go wrong. I had to battle the toilet for several hours one day. It was clogged. I *think* it's working now. I was not meant to be a plumber.

Silas' spider-man pose.

One afternoon, these two were sent to the wall within 5 minutes of getting home from school. Oye.

Anna's Hawaiian quilt block. I love how they turned out.

I went to a nearby farm to get some fresh milk and eggs. I was really pleased by how good the milk was and hope to go back again soon. They had this big sand pile for Silas to play on - if it had been warmer, we would have stayed longer!

The quilt top is done!

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Hevel said...

I made a Building Zion chore chart for my brother's family one year for Chanukah (yes, I see the contradiction there). The idea came from a Super Saturday activity, where the point was that in addition to church, scripture study, callings, being a member missionary our every day activities contribute towards building Zion. So I basically made the chart to be like a wall, and the various bricks from the piles for the kids with the chores went up to build the wall as they were completed.