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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Functional Behavioral Assessment for Iryna

Yesterday Tyler took the day off of work so he and I could attend the third and last meeting for Iryna's FBA. After 2 1/2 hours of reviewing many evaluations of Iryna, it was determined that she has a label of Intellectual Disability (ID) and they feel that she should move from a Level 2 special needs classroom up to a Level 1 classroom. She will make that change in the fall. I was hoping for it to be sooner, but there were more benefits to waiting. It was a very thorough evaluation and I think Iryna will benefit from the Level 1 classroom. Her teacher, Ms B, has been essentially creating a Level 1 classroom just for Iryna whereas the other students were Level 2. It has been a very difficult year for Ms B. I was thinking to give her a little gift at the end of the year, showing my appreciation. Any suggestions?

Both Keith and Calvin are now in cub scouts. With Keith, we didn't do much in the ways of getting involved. This was due mostly to Keith not wanting us to come. Keith is a very relaxed fellow, who goes with the flow on just about everything. But he viewed his time at scouts to be his own activity and would ask Tyler and I to leave so he could enjoy it alone. Now that Calvin is in cub scouts, we are trying to become more involved because he wants us to be there. Calvin got the Bobcat award last night at a Scout Banquet.

Part of the award is tipping him upside-down. 

Calvin has really been enjoying scouts.

We are so proud of him!

I sang in my first choral performance with the Mormon Choir of Washington DC last Sunday. It was a marvelous experience, singing Easter pieces of music, excerpts from The Messiah, and some Brahms. It has been such a blessing for me to be a member of this choir. 

I have been reading The Bright Red Bow and it has been very fascinating for me. Has anyone else read it?

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Rebecca said...

My new favorite "I love you a lot" teacher gift is a book. I like an"ABC" book,and I just finished ours for here! It is pricy, so I have only done it for those who are extra spectacular, because $20 for a teacher gift is a lot! But I take pictures of things in the local area that kind of represent where we are. So there is a page with "A is for Aquarium" and the picture is of the local aquarium. It can be tricksy getting all the letters, but I'm okay with cheating- "X is for eXtremely ....", or "Q is for Questionable foods". I use, but probably any photo book company would work. It is a bit of work and cost, but we have such an amazing teacher this year, I'm happy to gift her something I think she will like.