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Friday, April 03, 2015

Best Friends reunited

I met Nichole when we lived in Florida. I had been praying to make a close friend and it turns out that she had been praying for the same thing. We hit it off and when she moved to Thailand, it was so hard! I missed her greatly. Then we went to Ohio and now in the DC area. Well, now Nichole's husband was assigned to the DC area! Hooray! 🎊

While they were waiting for their house to be available, they bunked at our house for six fabulous days. We have had such fun together! It was hard to say goodbye to them yesterday, but we hope to have them over again soon. 

These two would always team up to read scriptures before bedtime.

A badly needed pedicure.

Silas and Kyle.

Playing Carcassonne!

Matching purple ties for Easter.

The kids!

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