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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to Keith!

Happy Birthday to my second-born in the wilderness. Keith has been a light in my life ever since we adopted him at age 4. Keith's favorite color is yellow. His favorite meal is macaroni and cheese. His favorite cake is chocolate. Keith loves motorcycles. Keith doesn't want for anyone to be upset with him and tries to mend the situation, usually by saying: "I like you." Keith is tender hearted and an obedient child. He is a joy in our family. 

Keith wanted breakfast casserole this morning. It's also called Baked French Toast. 

Macaroni and cheese with salad for dinner. 

Steve is in our ward and owns a motorcycle. He was kind enough to come over and give Keith a ride. Keith was over the moon!

Nichole made this AMAZING motorcycle cake for Keith. He got to eat the bumper with his name on it. 

So many presents! All of them were motorcycle-based, except for some clothes I gave him. 

Keith's teacher came to surprise Keith. We also had Nichole's family and Amie's family come to celebrate. It was a great day. I love my bugaboo. 

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