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Friday, May 22, 2015

Homeschooling Anna

Anna has been asking to be homeschooled for several years now. Because she struggles in the social department, I never consented to the idea. I figured that she needed to be around other people. However, I thought that if I ever did homeschool my kids that it would be during the middle school years. After Anna was evaluated by the psychologist, we learned that Anna suffers from depression and social anxiety. This explains several behaviors, especially in Young Women's. When things started getting pretty bad, we decided to look into homeschooling. I prayed about it and Tyler also prayed about it. We felt good about it and have decided to move forward with it.

Wow! Homeschooling is not an easy thing to begin! There are so many resources and programs, online vs paper, etc. It is a daunting task, but I am excited about it. Anna will be in the 8th grade. I am looking for good curriculum for her and would welcome suggestions, websites, programs, and encouragement.

My latest project. BIG THANKS to Brittany for helping me do the maps. I love how it turned out. Forgive the reflection of Tyler in the middle picture. ‪#‎familiesareforever‬

The yellow chart is our regular chore chart. I made the red chart for the summertime. No electronics in the mornings. If you get all your check marks before lunch, you earn electronics in the afternoon.

We recently switched to sonic care battery-powered toothbrushes and they have made ALL the difference in our teeth. 6 months ago, every child had a cavitity. This month - NO ONE DID. I'm sold!

It has been cloudy lately and homemade crockpot applesauce has been so tasty. Yum!

I am getting ready for summer. What fun home ideas are you doing?


Courtney said...

We use My Father's World and I love it! Not sure how it would work for eighth grade (my oldest is in sixth this year) or one child as opposed to multiple but I love the curriculum!

Courtney said...

I should have left some encouragement, too. ;) I think it's awesome you're homeschooling. It's HARD but I think it's so good for my kids. If you ever want to chat about it send me an email and I'll send you my phone number. Frogcourt at yahoo dot com.

Hevel said...

I think you chose the perfect age to homeschool Anna, as she is at the point when she is capable of independent learning. It makes life a lot easier, because she is probably already aware of her preferred learning style. If not, you'll find it fast enough.

I can't recommend any curriculum, but before you choose one, check the requirements for homeschooling for your state carefully, and choose one that can be compatible. I would greatly discourage the use of A Beka, though, and don't shy away from some secular curricula, you can easily adapt them.

Anonymous said...

We use ABeka virtual academy and love, love it!!!