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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

On the spectrum

When Anna was 3 years old, she used to line up her toys in a row. Her preschool teacher asked me if I wanted for her to be evaluated for autism. Tyler explained that he did the same thing when he was a child.

Fast forward ten years and Anna began seeing a therapist after we moved to the DC area. Her first question: Has Anna been evaluated for Aspergers? I completely dismissed the possibility. Soon afterwards, Anna was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression. Then my mom asked me if Anna could have Aspergers. At this point, something clicked and I asked her therapist to schedule the evaluation.

We hurried up and waited and the appointment was this week. When Tyler and I filled out the paperwork, we were surprised at how many of the questions were so Anna. It was uncanny. At the end of the appointment, the doctor said it was likely that Anna had Aspergers.

I am comfortable with special needs. I adopted four children with special needs. But this really surprised me. I always thought that our oldest child was typical, brilliant even. And she still is brilliant, she just has Aspergers, too. I would welcome any suggestions of blogs, articles, and books about Aspergers. I need to familiarize myself with it so that I can better parent Anna.


Brittany H. said...

Hurried up and waited, sounds about right! haha My best friend in NC has a 16yr old daughter with Aspergers--I'll ask her if she can recommend anything.

Rebecca said...

When Marian (now 12) was 4, we had her evaluated because she seemed to be so defiant. I was surprise when they said Aspergers, since she was so close to normal. the doc said goodbye and good luck and suggested we join a group. It was not helpful advice. I began seeing a family therapist and she was amazing and really helped me to be a better mom, not just to her but to the other kids as well. I was so sad when we moved away. So far we have not done anything else or seen another therapist. Marian has an IEP, but no other intervention or anything. But she's about to go into 7th grade, so things may change!

My son is 13 and was struggling with social anxiety and depression. He went through a few months of counseling and is doing better. I love that we have the resources to do that.

I don't really have any advice about books or blogs about Aspergers because it is such a huge spectrum, and I have not yet found anything that seems to relate to my daughter at all. I guess that is why the therapist was so wonderful- she met our needs as a family and was able to give us what we needed, not a stock response. Good luck!