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Friday, July 17, 2015

Baptisms for the twins

In raising children with brain damage and mental delays, you never know when they will be ready for milestones in their lives. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, children are baptized at the age of 8. When the twins turned 8, we didn't feel that they were ready for baptism. Time went on, and Calvin was baptized at age 8. Shortly thereafter, I had an important moment with that I will never forget. He sat me down and looked at me in the eye. He said, "Mama, I want to be baptized." He was deliberate and I felt as though his spirit was speaking directly to me. He wanted to have this ordinance. He was ready.

Tyler and I started talking about it and we had our Bishop interview the twins to see if they were ready for baptism. The Bishop approved. This week, the twins were interviewed by someone in the Mission Presidency. The interviews went really well. I felt the Spirit as Iryna prayed to begin her interview. She prayed specifically that she would be able to answer the questions. She chose to hold both my hand and Tyler's hand the whole time. The only question she didn't know was about tithing. Keith, also, didn't know anything about tithing. But Keith was quick to explain the sacrament. In listening to my kids answer questions about the gospel and pray to their Father in Heaven, I couldn't help but become emotional in seeing their progress. I am thankful that they are my children.

We took some pre-baptismal pictures this week. I love how they turned out.

The twins are singing a special musical number on Sunday. Here is a preview:


Courtney said...

They are looking so mature! I wasn't able to get the video to load but I'll try again later. I'd love to hear them!

dj said...

You are truely blessed. What beautiful children.

Mrs. Russell said...

I absolutely love these pictures!!! Such beautiful children you have!