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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back to school

I love September. It means the weather is finally cooling down. Until I moved to the DC area, school always started in August, but now it is after Labor Day. Here we go!

Silas is enjoying kindergarten. He is sleeping better because he doesn't get a daily nap. He is having trouble behaving himself on the bus. He is apparently punching and spitting on the girl assigned to his seat. I have requested that Calvin be allowed to share his seat. I hope that will do the trick. I am working with the school to see if he needs to be put back on a special needs bus like last year. 

Calvin came home from his first day of school and told me that his heart had been beating really fast during recess and that it didn't feel good. It has been hot outside so that is probably why. I am also working with the school to put Calvin on an air conditioned bus. 

Iryna is at a new school this year. Her teacher is currently out for maternity leave. I was concerned that Iryna would struggle with having a substitute for a few weeks, but she has done quite well. We switched her seroquel to invega and it seems to be helping with her moodiness. 

Keith is at the same school as last year, even in the same class. He had meltdowns every day before he came home. I believe this is because he is allowed to talk about firetrucks more often during the first week of school, and we limit how often we talk about it at home. Keith is quite obsessive about his topics and we just can't allow for him to talk about them ad nauseum. I imagine that his free time will go down once he begins his curriculum. 

Anna is doing quite well in her first year of homeschooling. She works hard every day and is very intelligent. She is doing eight subjects: English, Physical Science, American History, Algebra 1 (I took this in 10th grade, not 8th!), Computer coding, Cooking, Piano, and French. Homeschooling suits Anna. I wouldn't be surprised if we homeschooled again next year. 

I am keeping busy with caring for the children, helping my husband, cooking, teaching Anna, and teaching my primary class. I am getting used to getting up earlier in the morning. And other than having to finagle three separate bus times for four kids twice a day, things are good. I love having a schedule!

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