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Monday, August 24, 2015

Preparing for school

We are a couple of weeks out from school starting back up, and I am trying to get organized and prepared to teach Anna for this coming 8th grade year. I am proud of myself for deciding upon the following subjects to teach: Algebra 1, American History, English, Life Science, French, Piano, Computer coding, and Cooking. I am going to put together another chore chart to help us stay on task. I love being organized! Some of the programs that I am using for Anna are : teaching textbooks, Plate MS Science, Bescherelle Conjugating Verbs (for French), United States History, Nitty-Gritty Grammar, and The Brave Writer.

I have 3 of the 4 school supply lists and we are going through our supplies to see what we already own, so we don't buy extras. Does anyone else do this? Sometimes there is the urge to throw out all the supplies that the kids bring home at the end of the school year and just buy new ones in the fall, but I try to overcome that urge and reuse whatever I can. I am improving in this area, and that feels good.

Today is Ukrainian Independence Day! We are celebrating by making Ukrainian Borscht for dinner. The twins are super excited about that. I am proud of their Ukrainian heritage! Most people in the US have several different countries in their genealogy, but my twins are 100% Ukrainian - that we know of - and that seems pretty cool to me.

It seems like we are trying to make up for lost time by scheduling several playdates with friends often. While it is fun, it's also a bit exhausting - but I love creating more fun memories for my children. Being a mama can be fun, indeed.

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