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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FHE and bowling

Aunt Rachel and Aunt Shelbee did a great job on our FHE lesson last night about wise men still seek Christ. We sang WITH WONDERING AWE and watched a video and the kids had to search to pictures of Christ in the house. It was great. Then we had ice cream and went bowling. 

Iryna was pretty out of control. I thought about leaving her home with my mom, but I hate for her to miss out on fun family activities - and we rarely go bowling. I said a prayer that she would be able to calm down and eventually she did and I was pleased to see her enjoying herself. 

Anna struggled through, though. Her depression can strike (pun intended) at any time and she had a hard time. Depression stinks. Poor girl. The rest of us had a nice time. I love these new memories we are creating. 

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