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Friday, February 12, 2016

Chinese New Year

One of the perks of playing the piano during primary. #snacktime

I recently took Keith in to see an optometrist who was highly recommended to me. She offers vision therapy. In meeting with her, she said that Keith is legally blind in his right eye. This was news to me! I knew he had nystagmus, but she said he has both vertical and horizontal nystagmus. She also commented on how intelligent Keith is. Now, Keith is many things to me - but I hadn't considered him to be intelligent. This optometrist advised me to take Keith somewhere to see if he has low vision. 

I took him there, and they said that it is possible he does, but for now they recommended some tools to help Keith read better. Once they brought out this magnifying glass, Keith didn't want to give it back! Additionally, this doctor also commented on Keith's intelligence. By this point, I had to ask him what he meant. He explained that Keith doesn't see well, really, but due to his intelligence, he has adapted very well so he can do what he does day to day. The fact that he is so curious drives him to learn more and more and since he didn't want to give back the magnifying glass - it only confirmed this point.

Now that I know he is legally blind - at least in one eye - I will try to be more understanding of when he struggles to see things. I just wish I would have found all of this out much sooner! Poor Keith. I haven't been as patient with him as I should have been. :-(

Poor Silas had a fever and now I have a stomach bug. Anna is also feeling under the weather. 'Tis the season!

The vacuum is on the fritz, so I called Dyson for help. They helped me take it apart - I was so nervous as this is totally not my thing - but I wasn't able to fix it, so they had me ship it to them. I love dyson's customer service. 

Chinese New Year was a bit smaller this year, but we still had good food. I made lo mein and shrimp/corn cakes with pineapple for dessert. 

These are the valentines I made this year for the kids. I found them on Pinterest. So cute!

Our computer is on the fritz. Yikes. A friend from church is going to look at it for me. I hope we can save all the information on the desktop. I am considering the idea of upgrading to Windows 10.

Today I really tried to rest. I snuggled up with my pup for six hours on the couch. I know that if I relax now that I will feel better sooner. 

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