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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Calvin and baseball

One day last week it was Calvin's day to vacuum upstairs. I heard the vacuum going and went to check on him. What I saw was the vacuum, standing in the upright position, was turned on and just sitting in the middle of the room. Calvin was doing handstands and dancing around the room. Realizing that he was caught, he confessed that he thought I would think he was vacuuming because I heard it turned on. Now the jig is up and I ALWAYS check on him during his vacuuming. 

This week I was asking Calvin to pick something up off of the floor. I told him that I would prefer that he do it instead of me bending over to pick it up. His eyes got real big, and he asked: "Mama, are you even able to bend over??" I assured him that yes, I am perfectly able to bend over and pick things up. Ha ha. 

This is Calvin's first year playing baseball. He is like a blank slate, but is so eager to learn the rules. Some of the boys on his team have made fun of him for his lack of fielding skills. He also told me that during the games that his coach will yell out things, but that he has no clue what they mean. 

Our friend, Tim, took Calvin out last night to learn some baseball basics with his two boys. Calvin had a blast and came home with all kinds of knowledge about baseball. He has a game tonight and I hope that he will feel more confident.

I am so thankful for people who volunteer their time to help my kids learn. How blessed we are. 

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