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Friday, April 15, 2016

Iryna's IEP for middle school

This week I met with Iryna's teacher to update her IEP before she goes to 6th grade next year. I met her new 6th grade teacher and we discussed ALL of Iryna's behaviors, obsessions, and interests. I found myself becoming more stressed as we laid out what is my daughter, Iryna. It's no secret that Iryna has been my most challenging child thus far. I love her, but there are many instances where I struggle being with her. Looking back, I can definitely see her progress up until now. I am excited to see her grow into a young lady. And I hope that I am becoming a more patient and loving mama because of her.

I have had two people compliment me in the last hour.#rockingtheyellow

Temple trip with Rachel. What a beautiful day!

After speaking with my close friend, Valerie, I got a red tub and filled it with all of Iryna's Mario-related items. After she finishes her chores, she is able to spend 30 minutes with Mario. After that, it gets put away. No more hours spent staring at Mario!

Waiting for the bus. #calvinka #squishy #lovemyboy #russianprince

Listening to a general conference talk while coloring. 

I visited Keith at his school today. This girl is OBSESSED with Keith. It is hilarious!

I sure love my boy! I can't believe he will be in middle school in the fall. #wheredoesthetimego?

Calvin and Silas are breaking these bones in half for our pup, Maggie. Who knew this was so much fun??

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