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Friday, April 01, 2016

Happy Easter!

A few years ago, I signed a contract with the Easter Bunny to have him bring Easter baskets the day before Easter Sunday. This allows for us to have fun with eggs and bunnies on Saturday and frees up Easter Sunday to focus on the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Happy Easter! 💐

This boy LOVES carrot cake. He is only too happy to finish it off today.‪#‎wehaveawinner‬ ‪#‎calvinka‬

Our delectable Easter Dinner.

Got my baking on for Easter Dinner tomorrow. ‪#‎glutenfree‬ ‪#‎happyeaster

Had a girl's night in to watch the women's broadcast.

Anna and her best friend, Elyzabeth, coloring while listening to the women's broadcast.

I followed my sister's example and tried to make the table festive. 

Amie and her wonderful daughter, Morgan, joined us for Easter! They came to church to hear me sing CONSIDER THE LILIES, then had dinner with us. I love this family!

Just thinking about these words makes me smile. I am so thankful for my Savior and His sacrifice for me. 

One more picture of that carrot cake. #yum

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