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Saturday, May 07, 2016


At the baseball game:
Silas: Mama! Did you see me hit the ball?
Me: Yes! You did a great job!
Silas: Did you see me catch a ball?
Me: No...did you catch a ball?
Silas: Uh-huh! I got one point!!
I think it's clear that Silas is unsure how to earn points, er, runs in baseball.


Silas: Mama, I am full. I can't eat anymore.
Mama: Okay...but you won't get any m&m cookie bars unless you finish your tacos.
Silas: Mama, I'm not full anymore.


Me: Silas has this daily habit of picking his nose and eating it. 
Tyler: Don't worry. Social shame will take care of it soon enough.


Silas: Mama! I found my jean blanket! I haven't seen it in eight years. 


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