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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall is here

I love this time of year. The temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and making crockpot soups are on the menu. When I first wrote, "Fall is here," I had to laugh because I fell down four weeks ago and it's still affecting me. 

My knee is beginning to bend more easily. I am a bit unstable when walking, due to my muscles compensating for my knee. I feel like my knee is mending and that is encouraging. I have my physical therapy evaluation this week, at last! I hope they have good news for me. 

I love wearing yellow. Especially mustard yellow. 

Tyler purchased this lovely toilet seat riser to help my knee out. The fact that I have to have one of these while I am in my 30s is a but embarrassing, but I will admit it is nice and much easier on my knee. 

We are having a repeat of last year in that Calvin is hiding his school lunches instead of eating them. He has hidden them underneath the deck of a neighbor's house, two doors down, and he has hidden them underneath Anna's bed. We are trying to do what we can to figure out why he doesn't want to eat. His GI specialist wants to scope him and see if something isn't right. 

This pup doesn't mind snuggling me while I elevate my poor knee. I love my Maggie Moo. 

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