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Monday, October 03, 2016

Wonderful weekend

I love General Conference weekend. It's so relaxing and peaceful. Aside from a head cold, it was wonderful. 

Tyler and Barkley snuggling up.

Coloring was a bit hit with the kids.

This girl got a new mandala coloring book (which she loves). And she happily posed for me. Hooray!

Iryna and I had some nice snuggles. 

Calvin and Iryna putting together a HUGE puzzle with Roxy.

We had a little piefest with pumpkin, buttermilk and cherry pies! Anna also made an apple pie with her friend, Briana. 

My cousin, Sean, with his fiance, Roxy, and myself and Tyler. We had a great time chatting and enjoying all of the speakers. The missionaries and Frank joined us all for some sumptuous potato soup and pie. We had 12 people sitting around our large square table. It was the first time it was seating at full capacity! I tried to imagine in my mind how it will look when we bring home our five kids. We are so blessed, that's for certain. 

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