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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to Anna

My firstborn in the wilderness is growing up! She is now 15 and such a beautiful girl. She has given me permission to share some photos from her BIG day! Some of the things that I love about Anna is that she has a big imagination! She enjoy writings and putting that imagination to work! She enjoys anime, nightcore music, making no-bake cookies, and playing games. She and Elyzabeth have been playing the Mario Monopoly game that we got for Christmas a lot. My daughter has a lot of faith and tries to do the right thing. She is sweet and a good example for her younger siblings. I am so thankful to be her mama!

Strawberry crepes for breakfast!

Chicken lazone for dinner with McKayla and Elyzabeth.

Anna requested an oreo ice cream cake!

A game of settlers of catan! Anna was a good teacher to McKayla, who hadn't played the game beforehand.

I love my sweet girl. I enjoy having her home during the day. We have a wonderful mama/daughter relationship. I am so thankful for her. She is a light in our family. 

And here is my only photo for New Year's Eve with Tyler. Aren't we cute? I love this man of mine. 

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Alexys Gonzales said...

I've been creeping allover your posts since you posted your update about 'Sarah,' I had to comment on this one! I can't believe Anna is 15!! Holy moly! Happy belated birthday to her! She looked absolutely stylish on her big day too!