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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sean and Roxy's Wedding

My cousin, Sean, married his sweetheart, Roxy, in the Washington D.C. Temple this past weekend! I am so very excited for both Sean and Roxy! I am also thrilled that their sealing brought out some of my family - who I miss so very much! My mom came out for 6 days and then Heather, Iliana, Evan, Coulter, and Jenna, also come out for the weekend. We had SUCH a great time!

My mom introduced me to these highly addictive snacks. You have been warned. 

Me and my beautiful niece, Iliana.

Roxy and Sean

Keith wanted to read a book with my mom - who happens to LOVE books. When he brought over his TECHNOLOGY OF WAR book, she gave me this look. Ha ha. 

We found this fabulous bakery with all sorts of delicacies.

The bakery even had a delicious gluten-free torte!


Barkley was in heaven with Evan here. Barkley came to us from Evan's house. He has been sad since Evan left. :(

Iliana and I at the wedding reception.

After church on Sunday with Uncle Coulter, Aunt Jenna, and Grandma!

Playing some Quirkle!

Evan wanted ALL the cupcakes. :)

We had a nice meal all together. We sang the doxology before we prayed. It was fabulous hearing four-part harmony! I love my family!

I love this woman! I miss her everyday. She is the best mom I could have asked for - a strong and beautiful woman. 

Silas latched onto these two most of their time here.

Reading scriptures.

My kids LOVE their Grandma!

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