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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


 Breakfast this morning! 

So the elevators in Greece seem to have a door that you open before you get onto the elevator. I also saw one like this in Burgas, Bulgaria. 


Medusa light?

This is posted outside the Parthenon.  






This was next to the Parthenon. 

Another structure next to the Parthenon. 

Amphitheater by the Parthenon. 


We are unsure if we were supposed to be on this road or not. #lostinAthens

Yummy street food in Athens. 

So many trees here - we *think* this one is an olive tree. 

So many beautiful views here in Greece. 


We found this quaint little fish restaurant right on the Aegean Sea near the Temple of Poseidon. The atmosphere and scenery were amazing, but the food was not. :-/

The tiny restroom outside the fish restaurant. 

The view of the temple of Poseidon from the restaurant. 


Temple of Poseidon overlooking the Aegean Sea. 

Temple of Poseidon selfie. 

More views of the Aegean Sea. 

The Aegean Sea was so lovely. It was hard to leave it!

We see Greek bakeries so often! We went into one today and were amazed at how many things they have for sale. 




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