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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Observations of Greece

1. Double parking. It seems that many people in Thessaloniki like to double park. I have no idea how people can get out when they are wedged in like that. 


2. Pick a lane. Many streets do not have dotted lines to outline the lane. It creates confusion (to us, at least) and people move from side-to-side without blinkers. This morning we saw a driver on a road with dotted lines and he was halfway in one lane and halfway in the lane next to him for a few kilometers. So strange! This afternoon, we were on a street with actual lanes, but we had a yellow stripe going down the middle. What is up with that? Here's a photo:


This fellow is using his blinker (which we rarely saw) but check out the cars on the right. I am guessing they don't want to pick a lane. 

3. Small houses. We aren't sure what these little houses represent, but we see them often on the sides of the road. Some are fancy and others are not. Many have things inside of them. 


4. Gas attendants. Similar to Bulgaria, there are attendants at the gas stations in Greece. They pump your gasoline for you. One man even cleaned our car windows! 

5. Closedowns. Many restaurants and businesses are closed due to the economy in Greece. 🇬🇷🙁

6. Bakeries. It seems that every town has 10+ bakeries. We never have trouble finding baklava, but something savory is harder to find. Greek cream pies were our favorite treat. 

7. Agriculture. We have seen many fields plowed ready to be planted and many fields of trees, which may be olive trees? We aren't sure, but there are many of them. 

8. Trees. So many trees in Athens are hacked down to nubs. We have also seen many orange trees full of oranges. 

9. Gyros are so delicious. We ate five over four days in Greece. We may be obsessed with them. 


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