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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to school

Another school year is here! I wrote individual notes for each child's first day of school and placed them in their lunch boxes. 

Silas has a friend (Paige) in his class this year.

Calvin is eager to have library day at school again. He loves books. 

This girl broke her glasses the week before school started - she was nervous - but her first week of school was a success and her new glasses came in the mail, so she is able to see better. 

Bugaboo is happy to be back at school and riding on the school bus! 

John was so nervous that he wouldn't eat the special breakfast I made for his first day of school. At lunch, he pulled out his lunchbox and some kids started pointing at him and laughing. So - he refused to eat his lunch. A week later, he still won't eat lunch at school. He comes home ravenous. 

Sarah came home from school stating that she made three new friends! She also didn't eat her lunch the first day, but has every day since. Woo-hoo! 🎊 

Michael had a good first day of school, other than not eating lunch - and he is adamant that he will just wait to eat lunch until he comes home from school. He is quite the popular fellow with the ladies. Many girls sit next to him and want for him to teach them Bulgarian. He is flattered by the attention, but a girl from church has his heart. He says he is a one-woman-man. 

Anna Belle began her 10th year of school - and her third year of homeschooling. She is already ahead in her class schedule from BYU high school online classes. 

Here's to another year of education! Hooray! 🎉 

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