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Monday, September 11, 2017

39 years young

Another year - another birthday. I love celebrating this wonderful life I have been given. The triplets were especially excited to see all of the birthday traditions that they had only been hearing about - and now they could participate! Michael worked very hard to clean the house for me (I requested a clean house). Tyler had the day off - which was awesome! We had strawberry crêpes for breakfast. Michael made shopska salad and tarator for lunch. We made pizza for dinner with homemade cherry vanilla cake (Sarah decorated it for me) and homemade cherry vanilla ice cream (Michael and John hand-cranked it!) for dessert. We went around the table and everyone said something they like about me. John said that he liked how I speak Bulgarian. Tyler brought me home some flowers and we had a wonderful day together. I am so blessed! Here's to another beautiful year!

Tarator -  a Bulgarian soup. 

A gift I received is a projector that makes the ceiling look like moving water. I love it!

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