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Friday, September 08, 2017

Trip to Oklahoma

The triplets have been asking to go to Oklahoma ever since we picked them up in Sofia. After they were transitioning better than we had anticipated, we took a last-minute trip out to introduce them to family. We took over 500 pictures, but here are some highlights.

Anna wasn't at home when we took these pictures. 

Meeting their Great Grandfather, Keith. 

All three of the triplets fell in love with their little cousin, Russell. 

All of the grandkids with my mom and my Grandpa.

My sister, Heather, had this made for the triplets. So sweet and thoughtful!

Sarah wants to learn how to play the piano now. 

Tyler and I with our adorable, niece. 

My sister, Rachel, with Tyler and I. 

My siblings are the best! #lovethem

I have the best in-laws! #seriously #theyareamazing

Getting ready to swim!

Sarah is a snuggly girl and I love it!

The triplets are often asking us to kiss so they can take a photo. We don't mind!

I was able to see my fabulous friend, Melisa, in Tulsa! She's quite a gem!

Silas with Aunt Rhonda.

Tisha is awesome!

Tyler took the kids to Osage Hills - a place he went to as a child. They all had a blast!

We had a fun cookout with Kyle and Tisha.

My boys with their muscles.

Cousins posing.

Fishing with Papa.

Swinging off the tree.


These five Bulgarians came to their new families within the past six months. It was fun hearing them speak Bulgarian together. Sarah, Donka, and Lizzy stayed up until 2am, chatting away. 

Our 8 kids + their 17. It's a party and we love it!

This has become "John's pose."

I love this girl!

Iryna loves her friend, Alayna.

Evan and Keith - used to be crib buddies in Artemovs'k, Ukraine. 

We had a wonderful time and the triplets LOVE their new family and friends. 

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