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Thursday, October 26, 2017

A post about John

My son, John, is a special boy. It’s amazing to see how much he has changed since we first met in January. My first impression when I met him was that he was taller than I expected, and very handsome! He also has a high-pitched squeal when something amuses him - which is SO fun to hear. My second thought was: ADHD. Seriously, this boy’s mind does NOT stop working. He is constantly trying to figure out how things work, which brings me to a possible career for him: engineer.

John was in the worst orphanage of the three kids. His food was horrid, the children were unkind, the workers would wake him up in the middle of the night and make him clean. To this day, he doesn’t sleep well at night. He is afraid that something will go wrong while he is sleeping, so he wakes up repeatedly.

When we picked up John in June, he was ready to go. In fact, he had packed his bag the night before and didn’t sleep a wink that night. He wanted to be ready to go as soon as possible. It was hard for Tyler and I to not go visit him the night before, as we were staying in Razliv that night. We were eager to go pick him up as early as possible. He was outside waiting for us when we arrived and when we left, he didn’t look back. He was committed to our family and doesn’t take any pleasure in thinking of the orphanage in Razliv - except for a couple of boys that were his friends.

With John, we have experienced so many of his “firsts,” despite him being 14 years old. He has such a desire to learn. He also enjoys cleaning and is very good at it. If I want a job well done, I ask John to do it. He has a can-do personality and is eager to please. He doesn’t like to smile, but he will to make me happy. John is a peacemaker. He wants for everyone to get along. He gets along beautifully with Michael, however he is annoyed by Sarah’s behaviors and negativity. But, despite this, he will let her vent to him anytime she wants.

John wants to grow up and join the military. He says he wants to earn a lot of money so he can take care of Tyler and me. He has a genuine heart. John doesn’t have a sense of ownership, which is common when you never really own anything. He frequently “borrows” things from anyone else in the family and if when he breaks it, he doesn’t say anything about it to anyone. We’re working on this with him.

Math is his favorite subject, along with technology. He loves all things electronic-based. I hope he will be able to learn English quickly so that he can communicate with those around him. He is so eager to communicate. John is a sweet boy and he is learning to accept my affection. I’m so glad to have him in our family. He’s a blessing to us all.


Ágnes said...

Dear Jill, i have been left behind, are your Bulgarian children biological triplets, or you refer on them as triplets because they are same age?

Jill Pierce said...

They are unrelated, but the same age.