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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Tyler asked me to make him breakfast this morning. I am quite grateful for that, because it got me up & going and I was able to accomplish a lot this morning. Our bedroom is now clean and organized, not to mention decorated. It's amazing what you can do when you're awake in the morning, isn't it?

Anna went to school and I met Tyler to play racquetball. The first two games I played terribly. I was quite upset and frustrated with myself because I knew that I could play better than I was playing. We started the third game and I still continued playing badly. I silently prayed to God and told him my frustration with my body. I asked, "Show me what my body can do." My very next serve was incredible. Tyler couldn't even get to it. I continued to play amazingly well through the rest of the game and I beat Tyler by 2 points. It was another confirmation that God hears my prayers. :)

Well, you might be wondering why I weigh 338 after 2 weeks of eating healthy and exercising. Last week I did a liver cleanse and didn't exercise the 2nd day of the cleanse (tuesday), the following day I was busy packing so I didn't get to exercise, thursday we left early for Nauvoo and were there until sunday. So basically I didn't exercise last week. And then on the trip in Nauvoo I ate smores, the first sugar that I've had in over a month. And yesterday, we had our Trunk-Or-Treat at the church. I don't know what came over me, but I really really really wanted some halloween candy. So I had some...and it tasted terrible! But I kept thinking that I "wanted" it, but even my body disagreed. It's funny how even when you change your eating habits, it takes longer to convince your mind that you don't like it. So, I had sugar and didn't exercise. It's no wonder I didn't lose more than one pound in 2 weeks. HOWEVER! I didn't gain and I didn't stay the same weight. I still have lost a pound. Now is the time for you all to tell me all kinds of positive reasons why I only lost one pound...something like muscle weighs more than fat or that I've probably lost inches and the scale will show it can be creative.

Tyler & I have determined that he will begin an MBA program at OSU (Ohio State University) beginning this next spring. You may wonder why he would choose an MBA instead of a technical degree. We feel that perhaps the Air Force will not be our life-long career, and an MBA will help him secure a good job after he finishes up in the AF. The future is still uncertain, but this decision feels right. The only 2 downsides are that he has to commute to Columbus, OH, which is an hour away. The other thing is that it will cost something like $30,000. YIKES! The AF does help us pay for a small percentage of the cost, but it doesn't even cover half of it. I'm not looking forward to seeing Tyler less, but I am happy to know that we're doing what God would have us do and I feel the Spirit whisper to me that we will be alright and everything will work out. That's enough for me. :)

Tyler is on a youth temple trip tonight. He's such a great person, helping out where he can. We're still waiting to receive our callings! I'm excited to see where our next stewardship will be.


Melisa said...

That is really nice that the AF will pay for half. That is a significant amount of money for them to pay! How many years would it take? Would he go full-time or part-time? He would start in Jan?

Jill, you are doing a great job with your health right now. I know it is easier said than done, but don't make it about a number, make it about how healthy you feel. You are working hard and going great! Even if it's only a pound, it is still an accomplishment to be proud of! You can do it!

Tuan's Princess said...

I am so impressed with your dedication! what an accomplishment that your body already doesn't want the sugar. As someone who will be soon on the "get 'back' (that implies that I was before!) into shape" train, I can only hope to emulate your dedication.