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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rain, Rain, Here To Stay

It rained all day long...not that I really minded it--I was inside until the evening. Tyler & I stayed up until 3am, yes 3am, watching/finishing MIDDLEMARCH. It was really good, but we should have done it on the weekend as opposed to thursday night when Tyler had to be up early to go to work. Poor guy. But he took an hour & a half nap today, which helped him feel better.

I did some cleaning today and laundry. Anna & I played some games, which was fun. She's such a cutie and loves to do things with Tyler & I. We were discussing how hard it will be when she won't want to spend time with us...I'm certainly not ready for that! I'll probably be the mom who has a hard time being an empty nester...

My friend Maria invited Anna & I to come to Elizabeth's school halloween party. It was held at a Catholic Church-where Elizabeth goes to school. I felt a bit out of place being there--growing up LDS I didn't visit many other churches. Tyler made a good point, though, that that must be how others feel when they come to our church--a bit out of place because it's unfamiliar to them. It was still raining when we came home. Anna got out of the car and said, "Be careful, it's really slippy out here!" So cute. :)

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