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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This morning our big tree in the backyard was taken down and reduced to firewood. There's so much more space in the backyard now and our neighbor should be happy that it is gone, since he pretty much told Tyler to do it. (which made him not want to do it at all) That tree was leaning over our neighbor's house, and so I can understand him wanting it to be removed, however, he wouldn't go in on the cost of it. *sigh* There goes another $400...

Sweet little Anna. One of her joys each day is to sit on the porch bench with her mama, waiting for the bus to come to take her to school. Today is had warmed up, so we were able to sit outside. She is such a sweet girl. I am so blessed to be her mama.

I exercised today--I have been exercising regularly, except for during our Nauvoo trip. Tyler went to Columbus, OH. He is looking to begin an MBA program at Ohio State University. It will cost a lot, but feels right for us. While he was gone, I picked up my new friend, Maria, and her 4-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. We went to the Trunk-Or-Treat at the church. Both Anna & Elizabeth were princesses. They had a wonderful time, as did Maria & I. Some people talked with her in spanish, which helped. Maria is from the Dominican Republic. I met her at a park a few weeks ago. Afterwards, we went back to her place to chat. She's a nice person.

I sold 3 books on, hooray! It feels good to be bringing in some money for our family. I have also been selling items at the consignment shop. I've made about $100 so far! :)

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Melisa said...

Glad you are back posting. Sounds like your trip was fun!

What is Tyler wanting to do with an MBA? Will the Air Force pay for it? Would he use it in the Air Force or after he is done?