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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Anna & I raced out to door to our appointment this morning. Anna had to have her yearly physical for her school records. She's in fantastic health, as usual.

Anna went to school and I made a double batch of granola. We've been making homemade granola and we stopped buying storebought cereal. It's nice because I know EXACTLY what is in our cereal, plus it tastes great!

For Halloween, Tyler was a lumberjack, I was a witch, and Anna was, of course, Snow White. For our Halloween dinner, I made meatball sub sandwiches with chips 'n' ranch dip. We had a candlelight dinner and had warm cider to drink. It was really fun! Then we went to visit Maria. Anna went trick-or-treating with Elizabeth. We had a nice time there then came home to hand out candy. We arrived around 8pm and assumed that there would be lots more children coming by...however, we were informed that apparantly (according to our neighbor) our town has trick-or-treating only between 6-8pm. GRRRR! I have SO much candy that I didn't get to hand out. We did have 5 kids stop by, but I bought about $15 worth of candy. I enjoy handing out candy. I bought an extremely cheesy "SCARY SOUNDS" cd just for Halloween. I put a cd player under our porch bench and turn the volume up. For our few kids that came by, they were taken surprise by the spooky sounds! :)

Tyler heard a great idea about Halloween, kids, and candy. On Halloween night, you let the kids eat as much candy as they want. Then the next day, you throw out the rest. That way, they can enjoy it but not drag out the candy over several days...and perhaps incur many cavities. So you should have seen Anna tonight--she was going to TOWN!!!! I like this idea, and it's only one day a year. So Tyler & I put all the extra candy in a bag and he's going to take it to work. I filled the candy jar with peanuts/cashews. What did you do tonight?

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Melisa said...

Glad I got to catch up on your posts! You sound like one busy lady! Can't wait to read more!