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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Double Duty

Yesterday we had Anna's physical at the hospital. This morning we returned to the hospital on-base and Anna had her eyes examined. It went very well except for the drops to dialate her eyes-which happen to sting. Poor little girl. She was a real trooper, though, and didn't cry or even whine about it. :)

After Anna's appointment I went in for my "women's" exam. What joy! It has been 5 years since my last one...when I was pregnant with Anna and had insurance. The Nurse Practitioner was very kind and helped me set up an appointment to get the fertility visits going. Tyler is set for his first appointment this friday. He's a bit nervous about...well,...what he has to do. I'm trying to find a sitter so we can go together to the appointment. I'm eager to do all we can to bring more children into our family.

Anna went to school and I met Tyler on-base to play racquetball and walk around the track. I weighed (just for fun) and hadn't lost anything, but actually gained back to where I had started. 1.I don't weigh on wednesdays. 2.Last night was Halloween and I ate candy. Despite all this and the fact that I hadn't lost any weight, I feel really, really good better than I've felt in a long time. The exercise and healthier eating is definitely affecting me. :) My sister suggested that I should be measuring myself each week to see how many inches I'm losing...perhaps I should start doing that.

I got a nap in after Anna came home, I needed it! I'm trying to be up before 8am and then with an hour of exercise a day---I'm tired! I went to meet the sister missionaries at a less active's house. She is from the philippines and has 5, yes 5 children under the age of 4. She has a 4 year-old son, 3 year-old son, 2 year-old twin girls, and a newborn. WOW! (And I thought that I was busy!) Plus, her husband is in Thailand and will be there for the next year. She really needs some many areas. The children are in great need of discipline. I can hardly imagine what it must be like to take care of them all and not have any help! Hopefully she'll start coming back to church and then she will be blessed for her obedience. :)


Melisa said...

I agree with your sister. Muscle weighs a lot, so you can't really go off of weight changes. I think how you are feeling and inches are much more indicitive of results. And you should be proud of your results! Way to go!

Can I just say how bad I feel for that woman? I can't even imagine! Simple things like going to the store would be absolutely traumatic! I honestly don't know how she can handle that many young kids by herself. She probably needs even more help then she is willing to let on. I'm terrified of having 3 young ones, and my husband is living at home!

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Jill said...

What a nice response from "anonymous." No, I don't need more money--I'm happy being poor.