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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stake Classical Recital

This morning Anna went out to help Tyler rake leaves. It was nice being able to take my time getting ready-I'm usually in such a hurry that I can't just enjoy my morning routine. :) We spent about 5 hours on the C2 room (Craft/Computer). It's not done, but you can walk in it without having to hop over things!

Tonight was the Stake Classical Recital. I sang "O Divine Redeemer." I recorded this piece 2 years ago. Afterwards I vowed that I wouldn't sing it in public because it was pretty difficult for me. Then when I was in Oklahoma this past summer, my Dad requested me to sing it for his Ward Conference. I was nervous, but it went very well. Despite that, I was still nervous to sing it this evening. I prayed that I would be able to sing with the Spirit and that I would mean the words in the song. As I sang that last phrase, "Help Me, My Savior," my eyes teared up. It's really not professional to think about the words that you are singing because you could cry. However, how can you sing about needing your Savior without becoming emotional? Having the Spirit there was enough for me. :)

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