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Sunday, October 29, 2006

What Did You Do With Your Extra Hour?

We went to church today at our normal time of 9am. The Bishop announced that church will begin at 10am starting next sunday. "Hooray!" I thought. Then he announced that the ward choir practice will begin at 9am. "Yea..." So much for having more time in the morning to get to church!

We took a nap after church today and then I began cooking while Tyler cleaned up the house for our company. The Lawson Family came over tonight. They have 5 children! It was a nice to see how busy we will be if we are ever able to have that many children. We ate dinner and then played some games and chatted. They have one daughter who is Anna's age and they played dress-up for most of the evening.

At 7pm, I went to Stake Choir Practice. Our Stake Conference is in 3 weeks and Elder Henry B. Eyering will be there! I am so thrilled! I've only seen one other apostle, President Thomas S. Monson in person, but that was at a regional conference. The music we are singing is quite lovely and even a bit challenging, which is nice.

So, last night we got another hour. How did you spend it? Me? I stayed up late cleaning...I wish it would have been spent on sleeping, but when I awoke this morning-I had a clean house. Very nice!

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