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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cold Season

Yes, I have a cold. I slept for 11 hours last night and was still tired when I awoke this morning. *sigh* I have to carry a kleenex box with me wherever I go. :(

Despite being sick, I actually accomplished many things today. Anna went to school and I read my scriptures, cleaned the living room, did dishes and made dinner for the missionaries. After they left, we had the Johnson family over for another backyard smores experience, then came inside for hot chocolate. Despite my cold, I had a nice time.

I have been practicing for the solos next tuesday. I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but I was thinking to not audition. One of the solos is really difficult for me and so I told Tyler that I thought I just wouldn't do it. He replied that I should do it, and that I had been wanting to do something musical and here was the perfect opportunity. Thank goodness for my husband. Now I feel really great about doing it. And also, I found out that one of the 6 solos is a song that my Mom sang in college and it doesn't have any of those pesky "runs" in it like the other solo does--the one that made me not want to do it at all. So I am putting all my energy into the song my Mom did and the other 4 that I feel I can do well. :)

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