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Monday, November 13, 2006

No More Washing

Yes, it's true. The Dishwasher is in service. That's right--no more washing by hand! Hooray! This is truly a happy day. Or at least for the most part...I must have developed a cold last night because I woke up with a sore throat and my nose has been running all day long...which explains my rudolph nose I'm sporting as I write this entry. *sigh*

We went grocery shopping this morning after stopping by the bank. We made it home just in time for Anna to catch the bus as I brought the groceries inside. I ate some lunch, went by the post office, and then went on a walk. I read my scriptures, said my noon prayer and then got busy in the kitchen making dinner. I was really cutting it close and became quite stressed when everything wasn't going completely smoothly. My sweet family was so kind and supported me by setting the table and cleaning up for our company. I made canneloni, breaksticks, and italian green beans--yummy, but takes a lot of preparation.

Gary, Sarah, and the kids arrived at 5pm. We ate dinner, had an fhe lesson and then used our homemade fire pit in the backyard to make smores. Everyone had a great time. :)

At 7:30pm I went to the Messiah practice. I've been sick with this cold all day, but opted to go anyhow. I'm glad that I did. I surprised myself how well I sang despite being sick. I plan to show up for auditions next monday for the 6 soprano solos. I hope to get at least one of them. I pray that my voice will be 100% that day. :)

So I have a dishwasher working. I am so blessed to have my husband, he's too good to me. :)

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Melisa said...

Yeah for dishwashers! Sounds like it was a yummy dinner. I'm so glad you are going to try out for a solo. I think you will be so happy being in public singing again.