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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Handel's Messiah

I went visiting teaching this morning. We had two nice visits. The second lady we visited shared that she is expecting her fifth child. I am so happy for her. And I hope that one day soon I will be able to say that I am expecting another baby. Until then, I can only share the joy of others having more babies...:)

Anna went to school and I had an appointment with our new family physician on-base. I have been taking a thyroid supplement called WESTHROID. I don't think that it is working very well, and so I'm switching to synthroid. I started it today, I hope it will work better for me. The doctor had me do more blood work, which is always a joy for my scarred veins. That year of donating plasma in college really messed up my poor veins. Never again!

I came home just in time to do some dishes before Anna came home. She watched a movie while I prepared dinner and cleaned up the house. Tyler came home and we ate, then he spent an hour and a half raking up the leaves in our yard and putting them into piles by the curb. There's a truck that will drive around and suck up all the lazy have we become???

At Stake Choir Practice, a young woman mentioned that there will be a performance of Handel's Messiah in December and the choir is practising at a local Methodist Church. I decided to investigate this evening at their practice. It's a good choir and the director really knows what he's doing. I don't know about you, but I haven't sung the Messiah before, I've only heard it. Some of those songs are a bit difficult--especially all the "runs," and there's a lot of them! The director announced that there will be auditions for solos later this month. Yikes, I want to audition, but it will take some work to prepare for it...but I've been wanting to get back into music...and here's an opportunity..but I guess I'm a bit nervous because I can't just "wing" it, like I wing other songs...make sense? I think I'm going to give it a shot...we'll see what happens.

I heard today that Patriarch Gee is in the hospital. He's not doing very well. He's such a wonderful man and has been a great example to me.


Melisa said...

I want a truck to suck up my leaves! That sounds really cool!

I think you should do the try outs. It would be a gret opportunity for you to stay involved with performance. You were looking for ways, and this sounds like a great one! You can do it!

Dana Anquoe said...

Hey babe. I have a myspace profile that includes a blog. That's probably the best way to keep up with me...*GRIN* Love you lots! Dana

Tuan's Princess said...

Oh, my gosh Jill! That sounds like so much fun. I would love to be in the orch. for that performance. Go for it! you'll do great. I envy you the music oportunity! But I'm sure I will find some non-church (if you know what I mean) musical outlet soon!

Anonymous said...

I also envy you!! I think you should definetly do the tryout. I have always wished I could sing well and love to listen to those who can.

Anonymous said...

I sang in my high school's (not complete) performance of the Messiah, and again when my brother who did choir was a senior. The runs can seem overwhelming, but they're manageable with some time spent on them. Get a recording, figure out if you want to audition for soprano or mezzo solos (without pushing your super high notes, I'd suggest mezzo) and go for it. If you're not chosen, sing in the choir, and work on one of the arias for church. I should have my score somewhere here in Reno, so let me know if you want some help. Remember to breathe, and relax, and have fun with it.