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Monday, December 18, 2006


We received some wonderful news today concerning Anna. As you may remember, she had a heart murmur when she was born. They closely watched it these past 5 years. Last year the pediatric cardiologist informed me that if the hole in her heart had not closed by the time she turned 5 years old, that she would require surgery. Anna had her appointment this morning with a pediatric cardiologist on-base and after an hour of examining her-he said that there is no longer a hole in her heart. We are overjoyed at this news! We are so blessed that Anna is so healthy now. :)

I went to the Post Office today and you wouldn't believe the long line if there's some big important holiday coming up or something...

I did lots of planning for Christmas Eve, Day, etc. We're having the Elders over on Christmas Eve, the Sisters over on Christmas Day, my dad is arriving the day after Christmas and will be here for about 3 days, and my Uncle Kurt, Aunt Rachel, & their 5 kids will be stopping for the night on their way to TX from NY on New Years Day...also, we're hosting 2 parties this week. That means I had a LOT of planning for all the meals. Despite the headache that many would attain by all this going on--I enjoy it! I like organizing and planning--I thrive on it! And consequently, if I am not organized--it's very hard on me. So I choose to be organized! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite the holiday. Remember to have fun in your planning, and that it's ok to ask for help if you need it. I'm glad Anna's heart's hole has healed (whoa too many h's). That's at least one worry off your mind. Yea!!!

Anonymous said...

That was from KC, and this too.