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Friday, December 29, 2006

Garage Door Opener

Guess what Tyler worked on today?? YOU GOT IT--the garage door opener. And the last peek I took in the garage--it was operational!!! WAHOO! I am VERY excited about that. I've been working in the C2 room today, I have all the music labels printed and alphabetized (of course) and now I am putting all the music away in their own folder. It may sound quite silly to you--but I THRIVE ON ORGANIZATION!

Today I received a call from the women's clinic on-base. They asked me to come on-base and do another blood test. I think they're going to give me another set of clomid for this "new" cycle. They should call me tomorrow with the results from today's lab. I'll keep you posted.

Anna had a friend come over today-Sariah. They usually play very well together, but that didn't happen today. They were just bickering for most of the time. It got so bad that I called Sariah's Mom and asked if she could come get her. I think that perhaps they just played together too long today. Who knows...Anna wasn't happy about Sariah having to go home--she threw a HUGE fit, for which she was spanked, which only increased her screaming. *sigh*

Lately, Tyler & I have been staying up quite late doing things around the house, it's getting more late every day. It's after 1am, and we're still going strong. We need to retire to bed early and arise early...

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