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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Birthday Photos

Today I was able to sleep in a bit-because there wasn't any choir practice! :) So of course, I slept a bit longer than I should have to get both myself & Anna ready for church and get to church before it started--since I'm the chorister and I need to put up the hymn numbers in the front. Yeah, I feel bad for the bishopric whenever I show up 1 minute before the meeting should begin...poor guys.

Church was really wonderful. There was a beautiful prelude before Sacrament meeting and a musical number during, with wonderful talks in between. I finished my subbing for the primary chorister today. I really like the primary pianist--she reminds me a lot of my mom--even in looks, it's quite uncanny.

We had dinner at my friend Kathey's house. Today is actually Anna's birthday, so we had another little cake/ice cream and sang. She loved it. Kathey worked with me on some EFT methods. I feel like it could be quite helpful for me. I'm excited to begin doing it. Here are some photos from Anna's birthday party yesterday--the blogger decided that I could upload them today instead of yesterday...enjoy!

6 Pretty Princesses!

Playing 'ring around the rosey.'

I bought her some dress-up shoes (6 pairs to be exact) and some tiaras--a must for a royal princess!

We yet again have the game "chutes and ladders." We somehow lost our copy while in Oklahoma last summer and Anna has been mourning its lost since then...the mourning has ended...

A DISNEY PRINCESS--SLEEPING BEAUTY, or as Anna says it: Sleeping Booty. hee hee!

A dress-up for my dress-up girl.

The Princess Loot!

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