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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Anna!

Well, today was Anna's birthday party and I think it was a big success. She had 5 friends come who also dressed up, and we had the party at the bowling alley. Can you imagine having six 5-year-olds with chocolate cupcakes in your house that is white & cream?? Yeah, we decided to have the party SOMEWHERE ELSE, which became the bowling alley after the successful bowling birthday that Anna had last year. She had all sorts of fun between the bowling, eating pizza, the cupcakes, opening presents, followed by more bowling and more cupcakes...a great day for her.

And shortly after arriving home, I was exhausted! (imagine that) and so my sweet husband took Anna to Lowe's and let me take a nap. And of course, being Anna's birthday (remember, she couldn't handle the thought of her birthday being on a different day than the party-so the "birthday" was today, even though it's really tomorrow) she got to choose what she wanted for dinner and being a very highly intelligent girl--she chose Papa Johns Pizza. Well, technically she chose pizza, I was the one who opted for Papa Johns. ;) So I didn't need to cook, which was great!

We got my prescription for Clomid which I began today. I'm just so happy that I was able to get it. My period is still going quite strong, it makes me wonder how much blood I haven't been shedding the past few years! Anyhow, we're looking forward the possibility of becoming pregnant this month. I feel like it's coming up soon.

I now have the desire to stop eating sugar and begin exercising again. It's funny what things motivate you to kick out bad habits and replace them with good ones. Tyler bought me an IL DIVO dvd for Christmas and while I watching them, it occurred to me that they were doint something extraordinary--not something many people do--I yearned to do something like what they are doing, but I know that will never happen if I cannot get my weight to a healthy number. Also, my friend Melisa has started on a weight loss quest and I was inspired by her as well. So I am going to begin on JANUARY 1st, and will be sure to keep you posted!

Here is a photo from today-I'm having trouble uploading more than this one. Enjoy!

Anna bowling. She wore her DISNEY PRINCESS Jasmine dress. Isn't she cute?

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Melisa said...

Just thinking of a party like that stresses me out! ;) Sounds like it was a blast though.

I'm excited to do our goal together. Support always helps! Let's do it!