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Monday, January 01, 2007

Peasant Soup

Happy New Year's Day! Today was a bit low key; I wish it could have been more low key, but I take what I can get! We actually had about 7 snowflakes fall...I hope more are on their way! Tyler is home from work today and he did a lot of work out in the garage--organizing it & such. He also finished the garage door opener and programmed the garage door buttons for the cars. I am excited to be able to come directly in the garage--especially when it's as cold as it is today!

Anna has worn holes in knees of her pants--I guess she's becoming more rough on her clothes while playing...I went out & bought some of those lovely patches for pants, then ironed them on the inside of the legs. Not stylish but economical.

I made Peasant Soup today and some homemade rolls. There is something SO GOOD about this soup. I am not someone who likes soup. In fact, I avoid ever having it for any meal. And I felt the same way about this Peasant soup--which we have every Christmas Eve. However, this year I made it for the first time--since we're so far from our family--and when we sat down to eat, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. Now I'm wondering if maybe I didn't give soup a chance...I'll have to try some other recipes and see.

My Uncle Kurt, Aunt Rachel, & their 5 kids are coming through Ohio tonight and will spend the night here. I'm excited to have the opportunity to entertain for company. They're leaving in the morning-but I have a savory breakfast all planned out. It should be fun. Uncle Kurt's daughter, Mara, is 5 years old and she enjoys playing with Anna. It will be a short-but nice visit for the two girls. The rest of Kurt's kids are boys--some are teenagers--so we'll see how that all goes. All for now! I need to finish getting the house ready.

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