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Friday, December 15, 2006


We had another phone jack installed today--there was only 2 in our whole house-1 in the kitchen and the other in our bedroom upstairs. I had it installed in the C2 room so we could have internet access on both computers. :)

After that, I made some granola and then I made some perogis--something I've never made before. It's like a homemade dumpling wrapper with mashed potatoes & cheese in the middle, then you boil them and then saute them in some butter. (how can you go wrong, eh?) Well, I probably should have added more salt, they were somewhat bland but satisfying for sure. I found the recipe in a cookbook compilation of mine-the woman who submitted it was from UKRAINE.

I did some cleaning today, which is so satisfying to see. I did dishes, some laundry, and swept & mopped the kitchen and both bathrooms. We had our Christmas Cantata tonight at the church. I think there was some disappointment about how few people that attended, but the Spirit was really strong-which is what I was needing. Tomorrow Tyler & I are going to the temple, and I can't wait!!

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