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Friday, December 29, 2006


Tomorrow is Anna's birthday party. Her actual birthday is December 31st, on Sunday. She is quite confused by the concept that her birthday party is not on her actual birthday. I have tried to explain it several times, only leaving her confused concerning it--therefore, today I decided to simply let her think that her birthday is tomorrow-the same day as her party. *sigh* What will it matter? She won't know the difference this year...The party is a DISNEY PRINCESS theme. Today we put together little PRINCESS sacks filled with PRINCESS lip gloss, earrings, skittles, etc. Anna enjoyed filling each little bag and decorating the little crowns for each girl who is coming tomorrow. I made cake cone cupcakes, I still need to frost them. I ordered DISNEY PRINCESS rings that you can put on top of the cupcakes and then the girls can wear them afterwards...anyone ever heard of DISNEY PRINCESS overkill?? I think I'm almost there...oh yeah, I also got PRINCESS wrapping paper...

I won some cds on ebay--My mom is really into IZ, he's a hawaiian singer and has a very nice voice. I also heard that IL DIVO put out another cd-SIEMPRE-which of course I just HAD to buy. had a good deal on it-better than EBAY.

Fertility update: Things really look positive about this cycle that I just started. We are inviting our family to have a family fast for us on January 7th. I got a call from the nurse today saying that from the lab work yesterday the results were:

HCG less than 1
Progesterone is 0.868

They are prescribing me clomid 100mg which I will begin taking tomorrow and will take it for 5 days and then begin the ovulation predictor kit on January 6th. My period is still going strong--it makes me think that perhaps the lining in the uterus was too thick to begin with--to have 2 periods in 3 weeks and they're both pretty strong--so perhaps if I ovulate from the clomid, we might have success this month! We shall see...

Today I had another experience which confirms my belief in prayer. I talked with a nurse who said that I needed to pick up my CLOMID from the pharmacy, so Tyler went by there on his way home from work. The prescription wasn't there and no order for it was found. By the time he got home it was 4:55pm and so I called the Women's Health Clinic--no one answered. The infertility clinic was closed also. I remembered that I had my last month's prescription paper, so I thought I'd just call in a refill on it. Makes sense, right? So I called the number and it said that my prescription would be ready NEXT FRIDAY! BUT I NEED IT TOMORROW!!!! In fertility, it is imperitive that you take clomid on day 5 of the cycle---not day 10!! So I was QUITE disraught..thinking that this cycle would also be a bomb--since none of the doctors offices would be open tomorrow-sat, sun, mon (holiday), and tues (remembrance of Pres. Ford.) I went in our guest room and just bawled.....then I prayed to Heavenly Father...what can I do?? After a few seconds, a name of a girl in my ward came to my mind--she's very familiar with infertility and has worked in a pharmacy too. I called her and she gave me the direct phone number to the on-base pharmacy--which was open until 6pm--I explained the situation to them and they will have my prescription ready tomorrow at noon. What a blessing. Heavenly Father is always there listening...I feel so blessed.

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I think if you are between the ages of 3 and about 7 you can't get enough Disney Princess. It all sound so cute. It is so fun when they realy start getting into certain things. Carter is really into Superman right now, eventhough we aren't sure how it even happened since he has never seen one movie. Happy Birthday Anna!!!!