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Friday, December 08, 2006

A Long, Tiring Day

I was able to sleep until 8am, which was so nice! But then it all hit me, I had so much to do. For some odd reason, Anna wet the bed last night. It's the second time this week that it has happened----it's been almost 2 years since the last time it happened so you can understand my confusion when I discovered it earlier this week and then again this morning. So I started some laundry--which I was a few days late in starting due to my holiday baking. I went downstairs and made mashed potatoes to take to Tyler's Christmas work party on-base. I hurried to get ready & to get Anna ready as well and then we rushed off to the party...only to discover that the party wasn't really for families--just those who work there. So I felt REALLY out of place and I had a 4-year-old to keep entertained while not disturbing everyone else. *sigh* We came home & I so wanted a nap. Then I looked online & realized that 26 items had sold on ebay and I needed to get about 10 of them mailed out. So I did all that online, during which a woman came over and looked at our water softener that we listed in the paper. She bought it and gave me a check--which was really great since we're a bit low until Tyler gets paid again in another week--so I packaged all the items and we raced to the bank at 4:15pm only to find a long line inside. When we left for the post office, it was about 4:50pm. We hurried and got there just in time before it closed....poor Anna, my patience was short with her during this little escapade. I'm so lucky to have a daughter who is so forgiving and who loves me despite my faults. So I went to see Shannon and dropped off some holiday treats with her, then we came home & met Tyler and drove to the Eber's home for dinner. That was nice and we chatted until almost 10pm, when we left to come home. It's after midnight and I think I'm losing my voice...which is lovely because the MESSIAH performance is tomorrow. As of right now--there's no way I could sing. Who knows, maybe tomorrow my voice will be better. Oh, one good thing, I ordered a himilayan salt lamp and it came in today. We really like it & hope it will help our health. So that's my day...I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

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