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Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm sick. It's official! I woke up today without a voice. I couldn't speak, let along sing...and today was our first performance of the MESSIAH. I didn't go. That makes me sad. I called a friend and she told the director. I hope he doesn't think I'm not singing because I didn't get a solo...I had intended to stick it out and sing because I like the music and I enjoy singing...and now I couldn't go because I was sick!!! The second/last performance is tomorrow....and as of now it doesn't look promising that I'll be singing in it either. *heavy sigh*

So today I just felt pitiful and despite really needing to relax, I tried to do stuff around the house like laundry, cooking dinner, doing dishes...etc. Why can't I just ignore everything and let myself relax when I'm really sick?!?

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Anonymous said...

Because you allow yourself to feel guilty if you're not accomplishing something. That's specifically an LDS trait...not moving forward is thus moving backward, and "idle hands are the devil's workshop" stuff. The trait is also American, but not universally. Think of someone you'd call a workhorse. Doesn't that person always feel like he/she MUST be getting something accomplished or time is being wasted?

But remember, healing is accomplishing something, even if you're "just relaxing" relax! There is very little that is critical beyond drinking water while you're sick, and making sure Anna and Tyler get fed, no matter who cooks. You have to take care of yourself or you will be less able to care for your family. Now stop stressing.