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Friday, January 26, 2007

Recipe Exchange

This morning I slept in, which was SO nice. My sweet girl just plays quietly until I get up. I think I am the most blessed mom in the whole world! Seriously, Anna is the most obedient, loving, affectionate, sweet-natured girl I've ever known. And this poor little girl has a cold today, so she couldn't go to school. She LOVES school, so that was not good news for her. I gave her some cold/cough syrup, but then realized that it's the drowsy kind, so she took a nap which is quite unlike her to do. I normally don't ever give her medicine, I typically give her herbs or "yucky herbies" as she calls them when she's sick, and when I do occassionally give her the over-the-counter stuff, I only give her the drowsy kinds at night...but it was SO nice to have a snugglebug today. She let me hold her for about 30 minutes...30 minutes of sheer joy. I haven't held her for that long amount of time since she was really little. I loved it.

I did some laundry, cleaning, baked some granola, made some crockpot macaroni & cheese, read books & played games with Anna, ect. I had a "recipe exchange" at my house. It's a fun idea-have friends come over with their favorite recipes and then copy down the ones that look good to you. My friend, Shannon, suggested that we bring a sample of a recipe to share. I invited several people, but one by one they cancelled--except Deena. So Deena came and we had a nice time eating the macaroni & cheese that I made and the oreo truffles that she brought-YUM! We got some recipes copied, but mostly just chatted it up. It was a fun, relaxing evening. I really do prefer one-on-one activities to big group settings-although those can be fun as well. Tonight was just what I was needing. :)

I called a long-time friend of mine tonight and we chatted a bit. She's having a hard time finding people to date. She's such a great woman, it makes me wonder why no one has just snatched her up! It's all in the Lord's timing. I hope she will not have to wait much longer for her knight in shining armor...

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melisa said...

I love snuggles! Why do they have to grow up so fast?!