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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yes, I'm up to 3 re's in my reorganization of the C2 room. However, I am quite pleased with it's current state. I have gone through and purged it of things I no longer want to have, although I'm sure I still have more things that I don't use whatsoever.

Anna & I went to the Post Office and other errands. I took her out for lunch at Arbys and then took her to school. I'd like to do that once a month--just some time together and she LOVES it when I take her to school. I'm sure that will change when middle school rolls around...

I made a polynesian ham rice dinner tonight. It was okay. Actually, it wasn't good. I have been feeling a bit sick to my stomach today (don't get excited, I haven't even ovulated this cycle) and this polynesian dinner was NOT looking good to me. I made buttermilk pancakes (way yummy) and then fed Tyler the ham rice dinner and sent an extra serving with him so he could eat it on his way home---yeah, halfway through the extra serving, Tyler decided he didn't want to eat any more of it...ever! That has rarely happened--when I make something that we both don't like, especially Tyler. He likes just about anything. So I won't be posting this recipe for you. ;)

After Anna went to bed, I hit the C2 room. It took me a few hours, but it seems like things are CURRENTLY in their places. I hope it will last, yet I know it's just a matter of time before 4 re's appears in the title of my blog...

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