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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 1

Today it all began. It took a LONG time to calculate my first meal: breakfast. I made poached eggs, french toast (with honey butter syrup) and italian sausage. Total protein: 33.8 grams, total carbs: 50 grams. Not exactly equal, but much better than my typical french toast breakfast which consisted of 4 pieces of french toast with homemade SUGAR syrup. For the rest of the day I ate half an apple with peanute butter, one chicken tender leftover from Anna's GIGANTIC kids meal last night at OUTBACK, & crackers and cheese. I forgot all about the "free" vegetables that I can have. I'm sure those "free veggies" will make an appearance tomorrow, or two, or three...

No exercise today--still waiting on the DVD to come in the mail. I drank lots of water. The metformin has me feeling pretty sick to my stomach all throughout the day. I try not to think about it, but it makes me just want to lay down and relax, which I never do for myself. (I really SHOULD relax more...)

Sariah came over and played with Anna today. They had a pretty good time. Just before Sariah went home, I was told that they had been painting each others' nails up in Anna's room. Furious, I went up and told Anna that that was unacceptable, spanked her & put her in time out-much to her dismay. Later on in the evening, Tyler & I talked about the situation. He asked me if Anna knew that she shouldn't be painting her nails without me being with her. I stopped to think...I had never told her that. I felt like someone should take away my license to be a Mom...Tyler said that it should be something to learn from. I feel terrible about it. I rarely spank Anna anymore at all, and this time she didn't deserve it. :(

Tyler broke a glass lid to my nut jar today. After cleaning it up, Anna made her way to come talk to me about what had happened concerning the broken glass lid. She then returned to the kitchen, where Tyler was cleaning it all up, and stated "Daddy...I told on you!"


TickleMeCahokia said...

Jilly, I'm so excited for you. I know you can do it. The best advice I can give you is, if you cave in one day, don't let it wreck your week. So you cave for a day; everything will be back on track tomorrow. If you know you're going somewhere, ie a party or something, plan in advance for that to be on Off day and you won't feel nearly as guilty. YOu should read this book my friend has called...well...I'll hve to get the title for you. LOL. Anyway, good luck, babe!

Anonymous said...

I have totally had those "parenting mistakes". Once you realize you have done something wrong you just get this sick feeling. The best advice I have been given is to try and discipline with the Spirit and if "you" have done something wrong make sure you appologize for it. It goes a long way with your little ones when they can see that you too make mistakes and can admit it. Good luck with the diet!!