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Friday, January 26, 2007


Slept in...oh, so nice. It's hard to get up early on wednesdays & fridays-because I stay up late waiting for Tyler to get home. But then, it's really just hard to get up early at all! ha ha!

Today was mainly devoted to eBay. We made about $500 from my sales. Pretty remarkable! I've never sold anything that was worth so much as these star wars action figures. We went & mailed about 15 packages today. I'm eager for my weight scale to come in the mail so I can print off my labels at home and not have to go to the post office. Did you know that the Postal workers will come to my house to pick them up? Yeah, nice.

We met the Harris' at OUTBACK for my LAST HURRAH. Tomorrow I will begin my new way of eating--no sugar and equal protein to carbs. I'm excited to start anew. I've been eating some sugar these past few days because I knew I would be giving it up, but when I ate the sugar I really felt terrible. It's so bad for me and I feel a sense of freedom in giving it up. Tyler thinks I should just announce that I'm diabetic so I won't have to explain my whole situation in that I shouldn't have any sugar...until I know for sure that I'm diabetic, I don't think it'd be right to say it outright.

We played settlers with the Jeff & Deena after dinner at our house. It was fun. Their daughter, Hailey, is 3 months old-check out the picture below of my baby girl holding their baby girl---just precious! It was a fun evening-it's so nice to have some friends to play games with now...

Deena & I

Anna & Hailey

Suce cute girls!!!

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Anonymous said...

You're rich, you're rich! That is a lot of loot!

Adorable pictures. Anna is such a cutie.

I'll keep you posted. You may have another buddy to play games with...